Monday, February 20, 2012

Daily 5 Series: Listen to Reading

"The fluent reader sounds good, is easy to listen to, and reads with enough expression to help the listener understand and enjoy the material."
-Charles Clark, "Building Fluency: Do It Right and Do It Well!"

Listen to Reading is probably the MOST popular of the Daily 5 Choices.  If I didn't give my students guidelines about how many choices they need to make each day, they would choose L2R every time...Since it's so popular I make sure that I have a variety of tools for this choice and that enough students can get to it each day while still making other choices.  Along with a variety of tools, students know the correct way to use L2R.  Here are the tools used in my classroom:

L2R Tools & Resources



I have 4 Netbooks for students to sign up at.  Students have clothespins with their student numbers on them and this is how they sign up for all the Listening Stations.  When one student is finished, they remove their clip, slide the next student's up and also taps them on the shoulder letting them know it is their turn.  

While students are on the netbooks, they choose stories from our Symbaloo Page: (  
They know to choose books on the left side of the page because those have the words along with the story for them to Read Along with :)  We review quite often about how reading along with the story is what will help them become more fluent readers.  

Walkmans w/sign up sheets
CD's/Tapes for Listening Stations

So, yes I am going back in time and using some old school Walkmans!  I had so many books on TAPE, and my students just did not think they were "cool."  Sooo, the Walkmans made them cool again.  They can bring them to their reading nooks and they just LOVE it.  It was a bit challenging teaching them this old technology, but they got the hang of it :)  I found them on Amazon for $7 in case you were wondering ;) 


*CD/Tape Player*

Students get to sit in Rocking Chair
while using the CD/Tape Player

Thanks for reading and I hope this gives you some ideas/tips for your own L2R.  Please comment on what resources you use for L2R as I am ALWAYS looking for updates/additions to my own system.  Happy President's Day!


  1. This looks great! We do Daily 5/CAFE school-wide. One thing that I've observed in classrooms that works well is to assign "jobs" for L2R as the students make it their choice. There are jobs for book holder, push play, rewind, etc. This works especially well in kindergarten since they tend to want to argue over who does what. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the tips Mindy! I may have to consider those...Thanks for stopping by!