Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rewarding Positive Behavior

Second grade has been in session for 16 days and it has been quite a ride so far :)  Along with learning procedures, rules, etc. I have been focusing much of my attention on the POSITIVE behavior displayed in my classroom.  One of the ways I am doing this is by using the Clip Chart I explained in a past blog:

Another way I celebrate great behavior is with our Positive Marble Jar.  This is for whole group behavior whereas the Clip Chart is more individual behavior.  I add marbles for "BIG" moments in the classroom such as a fantastic Writer's Workshop which occurred today.  I had a moment where I looked up and everyone was focused on their work.  Some were Peer Editing/Revising with a quiet whisper voice, others were at their desks publishing a writing piece.  It was so great!  So, at the end I surprised the class with 5 marbles in the jar :)

On the jar there are 3 lines.  Each time the marbles reach a line, there is a whole class reward to go along with it.  I usually have the students suggest rewards and then I look at them and decide.  This time the rewards are:

Line 1: No Homework Night
Line 2: Longer Morning Recess/3rd Recess
Line 3: Lunch in the classroom with a treat

Sometimes I even grab a handful of marbles when I am just blow away by behavior.  It works great and is especially helpful when I have substitutes.  The know all about the marbles and this helps them to remind each other of how our classroom runs whether I am there or not.

I would love to hear your version of rewarding positive group behavior or if you use something similar, how do you add your own twist to it?  

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