Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goodbye Flip Chart and Hellooo Clip Chart!

Discipline is teaching, not punishment.
—T. Berry Brazelton

How many of you use the Flip Chart Behavior System?  Me too! Until, I came across this genius idea!  Here is what my version looks like :

Each student will have a clothespin and they will all start on green each day.  The big difference is that they can move down OR up throughout the day.  This not only disciplines with consequences, it also rewards for good behavior.  The classroom vibe should NOT be focused primarily on those who made bad choices.  It should also give kudos to those students who are always on task and are easily forgotten.  

Now, I have not started the school year yet with this, so that will have to be a later blog post.  But, I have to say that after reading the Ebook on this system I have a positive outlook on the whole adventure.  Read on to find out about this genius idea:

Clip Chart Behavior System (Click on the link to download the Ebook and get the full explanation of how it works and how to successfully implement into your classroom)

As always I love to hear who uses this or who is excited to use this for the first time as well?

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