Thursday, August 11, 2011

Student Work Display

Bulletin boards/Work Displays should not be a TEACHER'S work of art, but should instead be the STUDENT'S work of art.

I have to first recognize The Clutter Free Classroom Blog for this AWESOME idea that I put together this past week.  I am SO excited about this change and hope that it really is all I think it will be :)

Instead of me trying to design a board to display student work every month, this will be an interactive bulletin board in which the STUDENTS will add work to as they please.  It will be their job to add pieces to the board whether it is a writing piece, class activity, or a drawing they did in their free time.  All I will have to do is perhaps offer suggestions to some students of what they should add to their "square."  Here is my Student Work display:

Students will get to choose which square is theirs at the beginning of the school year.  It is  theirs for the rest of the school year :)  I have pushpins in each square for them to attach their Proud Work to!

Does anyone else do a version of this?  I would like to hear your tips/advice!

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