Sunday, August 14, 2011

Prezi for Daily 5

"Caution: Prezi has a learning curve" -Brad Wilson (@dreambition)

At the end of this past school year (2010-2011) I had my students make a video skit to show the next year's class how to do the Daily 5.  I told them they were the "professionals" and they had to show someone completely new to Daily 5 how it would work.  I divided them into groups and gave each group a Daily 5 Choice.  Then, I taped them!

I reminded myself a few weeks ago that I had done this and thought, I need to make this a worthwhile tool!  What came to mind?  Prezi. Now, I have only used Prezi 3 times and am STILL learning. It can be frustrating, but the finished product is AWESOME!

I think it is wonderful as a classroom tool when you want to gather your thoughts, prepare for a future lesson and do something way better than powerpoint :)  Here are two Prezis I have created and use in my classroom:

How to Create a Simile and Metaphor Poem Prezi

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