Monday, August 1, 2011

My Entrance to the Blogging World

The above quote is my purpose for the blog I am about to create.  While driving across the state of Michigan from my hometown to home, I began to think about the upcoming school year.  I do my BEST thinking while driving this route and I believe that it helps to center my thoughts while giving me motivation to take on new challenges.  Mostly it is classroom/school related ideas, but from time to time I do come up with plans just for me.  So, I was thinking about my new found love of Twitter and all the wonderful ideas I have been getting from it for the past few weeks.  There are SO MANY amazing teachers out there with awesome tweets and blogs that have just overflowed my brain with ideas for my classroom.  I realized though, that I too have wonderful ideas to share with that amazing group of teachers out there that I follow or follow me.  It is only right to give back and share my story as well.  And I thought, maybe, just maybe I can be one of those teachers that their blog or tweet is read and someone thinks that I have some sweet ideas too :)  

So join me on this journey of my own Learning in Progress....

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